Ramadan Etiquette


·        Accept an Invitation to an Iftar

Friends, neighbors or co-workers may invite you to an Iftar this Ramadan, and it’s polite to accept.

·        Share a Ramadan Greeting

Greet your co-workers with a Ramadan Greeting like Ramadan Kareem or Ramadan Mubarak.

·        Dress Appropriately

Dubai already has in place some guidelines for dress, especially in public areas like malls and parks. Try to be especially considerate of this during the month of Ramadan.  What to wear? Men and women should cover their shoulders and wear at least a long short or skirt that covers to the knee.

·         Get into the Charitable Spirit this Ramadan

Ramadan is a great time to take advantage of the charitable opportunities available throughout the city.

·         Be Extra Patience

Practicing patience and kindness during this month supports the fasting person and will be received well.  Everyone can benefit from an exercise in a little patience.

·       Avoid the Roads at Sunset

People tend to race home at dusk, so avoid being on the roads at this time.

·        Do Act Respectfully

Couples holding hands in public is generally accepted and a short embrace as part of a greeting, but anything further than that should be avoided in public.  

·        Check Business Hours

Many shops and especially government agencies will post Ramadan timings for their businesses, so check before you venture out.



·        Eat or Drink in Public Areas

People are expected to refrain from eating, drinking and chewing gum in public. If you need to have a drink or meal, be discreet. If your office has a break room, eat in the designated areas and don’t bring food or drinks to your desk. Always ask those whom you are working with what’s their preference.

·         Turn up Your Stereo

Music in general is turned off during Ramadan, even that music you hear in mall while shopping.  So turn down the music in your car or in your home so that it’s not heard by your neighbors or other drivers.

·       Smoke in Public Areas

Smoking is regulated in public areas in Dubai, and just like drinking and eating, it is expected that during daylight hours you also refrain from smoking in public.

·        Use Foul language or Gestures