New Fairytales & Fables from the UAE


Dear Educators,


We would like to thank all the principals, teachers and students, who joined us in launching the first national New Fairytales & Fables Competition from the UAE.  The talent, creativity and imagination of our young people are truly inspiring.  Every student who brought our ancient Emirati characters back to life in their tales are all winners and we offer our deepest appreciation for your celebration of Emirati heritage and culture. 


Thanks to our jurists!  Judging our final winners was not an easy feat, the writing is absolutely exceptional and the stories were so creatively imaginative that narrowing down our finalists was very challenging for every single jurist. 




1.   Fatima Naser Al Mansouri, President Zayed University Kharareef Heritage & Storytelling Club, Story Mile Author

2.   Maysa Mohamed Aljaberi, Vice President Zayed University Kharareef Heritage & Storytelling Club, Story Mile Author

3.   Nasser Isleem, Senior Lecturer of Arabic, New York University UAD Author of “Ramsah” an Emirati Arabic Textbook

4.   Rym Ghazal, Senior Features Writer and Columnist at The National Newspaper/Author of “Maskoon (“Haunted”)”

5.   Sara Nattat – Manager ZOWD Cultural Establishment




1.   Brioné LaThrop, New Fables & Fairytales Creator

2.   Jordan Scharan, Acting Schools Coordinator – Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

3.   Katherine Schapp Williams, Assistant Professor of Literature, New York University Abu Dhabi

4.   Mary Sengati Zimba, Assistant Director, Public ServicesLibrary and Learning Commons, Zayed University

5.   Rana Asfour, Freelance writer, book reviewer and founder of

6.   Robin Dada, Dean College of Education, Zayed University


To all our gifted storytellers, please continue to write!



Brioné LaThrop

New Fairytales & Fables from the UAE Creator



New Fairytales & Fables from the UAE Winners


Arabic Grades 7-9

1st Place

Abu Ras & Saber” by Abdullah Maher, Al Manhal Private School

2nd Place

“Um Al Duwais & the Ghaf Tree”by Roaa Helal, Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

3rd Place

Um Al Duwais” by Omar Fareed, Jumeirah Primary School

Honorable Mention

“Al Naghaga & the Naughty Kid” by Tamara Khadeer, Dubai International Academy


English Grades 7-9

1st Place

Camel Karma” by Ruby Sheehan – Jumeirah Primary School

2nd Place

Al Roua'a" by Ronan John Almeida, Cambridge International School

3rd Place

Good Always Win” by Maysa Hassan Haj Hussain - Rosary School

Honorable Mention

"The Peril of Ungratefulness" by Fatima Ali, Gems First Point School


English Grades 10-12

1st Place

Friendship an Irreplaceable Gem” by Alysha Columbres from the Abu Dhabi International Private School

2nd Place

Salma And Her Daughters” by Layanne Elboreini - the Abu Dhabi International Private School

3rd Place

Forgiveness” by Sham Emad Zoukar - Qatr Al Nada Girls School

Honorable Mention

“The Pearl Diver” by Kehkashan Basu - Deira International School

'Ali and Hemarat Al Ghayla' by Reya Sharfini - Deira Internatioal School

The Gift", Eliana Hambleton, Abu Dhabi Homeschoolers Association


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